Twitter Scavenger Hunt

The Twitter Scavenger Hunt activity that we did during class was based on guessing other people’s tweets of mysterious objects or vague pictures of daily items. What was funny about the activity is that several people around the  world were doing it together. Although I don’t happen to be a social media kind of person, and it’s actually my second time using Twitter, but I really had fun doing the Hunt. It was mainly due to the feel of being connected without any boundaries. I didn’t know other people’s ethnicity, religion, color, nor beliefs. However, it all felt like a pot where we melted together. This is what I believe social media is made for: unifying people of different backgrounds, learning from other’s experiences, and accepting our differences. I don’t like the current use of various social media platforms where it became a hub for users to portray a certain image of themselves, mostly an idealized version, and the attention they receive that inserted them in an infinite loop of the need to feel special and unique, creating a self-centralized lifestyle where nothing matters but what they want to receive. I remember my first time in a Frankfurt hostel where each individual in a group came from a different country, spoke a different language, and looked different from the rest. It was amazing seeing all these come together, sharing their interests, narrating their stories, and going out together. That was the first time I had to make a Face Book account so that I could keep in touch with these people, and later I deleted it and made an Instagram instead. It’s just a lot easier to look at images. To sum it up, I believe that the use of social media is what determines how it affects us, and not social media platforms themselves. There should be more activities like the Scavenger Hunt in order to beware people about the negative side of social media, and how to use it properly.


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